Features of The Game

In 2021 we would like to be able to present our project. It is a car war, where only the first one wins.
To achieve that you can try to destroy your companions or simply try to be the fastest

Just enjoy

Just have fun and crush your opponents. You don’t know if they’re running away or they’re after youJust have fun and crush your opponents. You don’t know if they’re running away or they’re after you

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Free to play

When the project is ready it can be played for free. You just have to create your account and enjoy.  We really appreciate your support and a great way to do it is by sharing this project on your networks.

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In a first stage in the multiplayer game, up to 4 players will be able to play. Remotely or locally. Although we play with the idea of ​​making games of up to 20.

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Some Weapons you will find

To destroy your opponents there will be infinite ways. These are some of the weapons and Powerups that you will find in the journey and that will help you define your strategy


As simple as that. Use this power to go faster or to escape an attack

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Ejects a powerful pool of glue that can slow anyone down

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Shoot your enemies and destroy them, aim well, bullets are limited

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Loud Speaker

It seems like a joke, but its power can make anyone capsize

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News Report

«Suddenly and without warning there are people who are attacking other people.»

«Police warn: especially aggressive at the wheel, Everyone runs away from everyone, it is impossible to know who is good and who is evil»

«Everyone is running away, will anyone be able to find out what is happening?»


Main Project:
multiplayer game  

Some spects of the project


We believe that we will be able to offer the first version of the game in mid-2021

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The game will be available for PC. We are working to offer it on other devices

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Always Multiplayer

As a game, the idea is to offer an always multiplayer experience

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Between FREE and several hundred dollars. But we think it will finally be free

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Became a Tester

I want to  be one of the first to play this game. for FREEI